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Performance analysis, data visualization, talent development process, academy organisation, planning and structure, Dutch-English


Patrick worked for AFC Ajax Amsterdam between December 2013 and December 2015.

Working within the Talent Development department, his role as data analyst meant that he was an important part of the team responsible for the implementation of Plan Cruyff throughout the academy.

During his period at Ajax, Patrick created a performance model to provide insight into the performance of the youth academy and its profitability. The information derived from the model enabled Ajax to create an environment of high performance and continuous improvement, based on the core pillars of Plan Cruyff.

In service to this model, Patrick created a number of tools for coaches, staff and management, helping them collect and manage information more efficiently and measure, more accurately, the performance on the player-, age group- and academy level.

Prior to working at Ajax, Patrick successfully participated in the honours program of the Sports, Management and Business bachelor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, including his graduation project on performance management in football academies.