Do you want…

  • Your fans to enjoy attractive and attacking football?
  • To educate your coaches, but you need help?
  • To improve your grassroots football, but you don’t know how?

Cruyff Football will help you create an attractive national football DNA, implement a coaching education program and strengthen the connection between grassroots football and elite football. Together, we will assess the current level and potential of your country, design a plan and implement solutions through means like our training systems and methodology, workshops and training on the job.


Football fans across the globe enjoy spectacular football and get inspired by individual skills and passionate team play. Johan Cruyff offered the world beautiful football, played by teams like AFC Ajax, the Dutch National Team and FC Barcelona’s Dream Team. And his football legacy lives on today, through the work of numerous players and coaches.

Cruyff Football will help you adopt, strengthen and maintain an attractive style of play and training methodology.


Key to the quality of football education is the quality of the coach. If you want to improve football, you will need to improve coaches. A youth coach needs a particular set of skills and competences, tailored to the learning process of a child and different stages of development. A Cruyffian youth coach knows how to inspire youth players by creating a safe, respectful and challenging environment.

Cruyff Football will help you implement a coaching curriculum based on the Cruyffian football vision. Your coaches will learn to focus on reaching players’ full potential through an individual approach in talent development.


Many football professionals admire the spectacular progress of the Belgian federation in the last 15 years, transforming a small and unpretentious football nation into the proud leader of the FIFA ranking. Some ascribe the rise of Belgium to pure luck and the accidental birth of a golden generation. But in reality, a clear and systematic long term vision (Vision 2000), heavily influenced by the Cruyff philosophy, was at the heart of this success. Earlier in football history, The Netherlands and Spain experienced similar football revolutions, based on the same Cruyffian DNA. Central in any successful national football strategy is grassroots football development. In order to improve the football of a nation, you will need to start at the bottom of the football pyramid.

Cruyff Football will help you create productive grassroots football, including competition formats tailored to every age group and a stronger connection between grassroots football and elite football.


Implementing the Cruyff formula will lead to:

  • Happy fans who are proud of their nation and players.
  • Stronger national (youth) team results.
  • Improved (inter)national image.