Introductory Coaching Course

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Date:23 - 27 October 2017
Time:5 days
Location:AV Lycurgus, Assendelft
  • Cruyff Football training kit
  • Cruyff Football certificate
  • 5x Sport lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Notebook and pen

In our Introductory Coaching Course, we will highlight the basics of Cruyffian football, as well as the key principles of individual talent development. During this five-day course, participants will learn to analyze, design and evaluate the fundamentals of player development, enabling them to independently intervene in this challenging process.


01) History of Modern Football

02) Origins of The Cruyff Football Philosophy

03) Montessorian Education Principles

04) The four planes of Child Development

05) Player characteristics

06) The Cruyff Football Model

07) The prepared environment

08) Observation of the total footballer

09) The individual approach: coaching and training

10) Street football

11) Talent identification and player profiles

12) Screening and monitoring

13) Training methods

14) Reflection on training & coaching in practice


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