Attractive football

Johan Cruyff is synonymous to innovation. Always surprising and never dull. Turning disadvantages into advantages. Creating something out of nothing. Using each others qualities to come out stronger. Matching freedom with responsibility. Giving chances to youth. Helping those in need. And entertaining the fans. If you uphold these values, you will always win. And you will be an example to others.


People should come to the stadium to enjoy themselves. Cruyff’s legacy represents attractive and attacking football, based on signature style playing systems, a distinctive set of football principles and a clear training methodology for optimal team performance.

“Playing football is very simple. But playing simple football is the hardest thing there is”

– Johan Cruyff – 


Growing talents into total football players who control the ball, understand the game, move with grace and play fair requires an individual approach

“I have never seen a team make a debut. Individual players do. Therefore, an academy should focus on individual development”

– Johan Cruyff –


The player is a professional and a role model. He protects his own interests while fulfilling his responsibilities towards fans, youth and the less fortunate.

“A football player has a big social responsibility. He is an example to many”

– Johan Cruyff –

In concert with the three main stakeholders in football, Cruyff Football upholds, spreads and further develops Cruyff’s legacy worldwide.

  • Players who continue to develop their talents and show them on the pitch.
  • Clubs and coaches who promote an attractive playing style and an individual approach in talent development.
  • Fans who demand and enjoy attractive and attacking football.