In addition to his impressive career as a player and as a coach, Johan Cruyff was an innovator and football visionary. His style of total football invoked a revolution of the game, introducing new and more dynamic strategies for attacking and defending in which all players participated, optimizing the use of space across the pitch.

“He was the Godfather of Dutch football”

– Frank Rijkaard – 

In addition, Johan was the strongest advocate of beautiful football, relentlessly aiming to produce both quality and results. He argued that football, in its very essence, is a game intended to entertain and bring joy to the fans. A strong believer in playing and nurturing home grown talents, Cruyff stood at the cradle of two of the most famous and successful academies in football history: De Toekomst at AFC Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona’s La Masia.

“Johan Cruyff painted the chapel, and Barcelona coaches since merely restore and improve it”

– Josep Guardiola –

Johan’s distinctive philosophy on talent development, in which individual development is the cornerstone of an academy, gave birth to generations of great players and coaches. They continue to dominate the game of football today and are the living proof of an unrivalled personal football legacy.

“For me, he was the most relevant person in the history of Barca and the ones that are here always maintain his legacy. His philosophy is the best in the history of football”

– Xavi Hernandez –